Introducing Lumiere, the innovative platform transforming 3D product video creation for social media. With its browser-based interface and AI capabilities, Lumiere empowers users to effortlessly craft high-quality animations without complex software or technical expertise. Transform physical products into stunning 3D models and bring them to life with dynamic camera movements and personalized effects. Explore Lumiere today to streamline your video production process and captivate your audience like never before.

Key Features:

Works with sensors of AI: Customized effects and lively camera shifts.
Smart level of Scanner: Convert products into intricate 3D models.
3D updating Scenes: Polished settings for product videos.
User-Friendly Interface: Web-based platform for effortless video production.


Experience Lumiere’s free tier or unlock premium features with reasonably priced early access.

Best for:

Social Media Marketers: Engage audiences with captivating product videos.
Small Businesses: Create professional-quality videos without extensive resources.
Content Creators: Customize videos to match brand identity and marketing goals.

What we like:

No Downloads Required: Simplifies user experience and saves device storage.
Time-Efficient: Cut down production time with quick video creation.
Extensive Customization: Tailor videos to match brand identity and marketing objectives.
Cost-Effective: Value for a range of budgets with free and reasonably priced options.

Disclaimer: Please refer to the Lumiere website for the most accurate pricing details and service offerings.


Q Can I use Lumiere without downloading any software?

Yes, Lumiere operates entirely within the browser for a seamless user experience.

Q How long does it take to create a product video?

With Lumiere's efficient tools, you can create videos in minutes.

Q Is Lumiere suitable for small businesses with limited budgets?

Absolutely, Lumiere offers free and reasonably priced options to suit various budgets.

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