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AdCreative. ai represents a groundbreaking platform for automated ad generation. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the platform produces top-notch ads with minimal user input. Its purpose is to streamline the ad creation process, enabling businesses to concentrate on other facets of their marketing strategy.

Rem BG

Rem BG is a user-friendly and potent tool capable of swiftly eliminating image backgrounds, sparing you the effort of manual removal. This software enables effortless creation of stunning transparent images. is a rapid wallpaper creation tool powered by AI technology. Users can blend different elements like anime, sunset, space, forest, world, and futuristic to craft visually distinctive wallpapers. Additionally, the tool provides the option to enhance images to 4K resolution.

Aigur Client

Aigur Client is a tool that empowers users to build and execute Generative AI pipelines using an open-source client. It encompasses features like pipeline analytics, user management, and managed pipeline execution. The tool also supports diverse nodes, including voice-to-text conversion, text modification, image-to-text generation, and more. Its goal is to enable users to accomplish tasks such as creating an image with their voice, generating a poem from an image, summarizing text, and reading it aloud.

AI Face Swapper

Face Swapper is an AI-powered tool designed to replace faces within images. It can identify faces in photos and substitute them with other faces chosen by the user. This tool can process images up to 5 MB and faces up to 1024*1024 pixels in size, producing output images of the same quality and dimensions as the original. Additionally, it features multiswap functionality, allowing users to replace multiple faces within a single photo, as well as Smart Upscaler, which utilizes AI to enhance image resolution.

ControlNet Pose

The ControlNet Pose tool is crafted to generate images featuring the same pose as the individual in the input image. It utilizes Stable Diffusion and Controlnet methods to duplicate the weights of the neural network blocks into both a "locked" and "trainable" copy. Users can customize various parameters such as the number of samples, image resolution, guidance scale, seed, eta, added prompt, negative prompt, and resolution for detection. The prediction process generally completes in approximately 21 seconds.


Upscayl is a no-cost AI image upscaling tool accessible on MacOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Developed by TGS963 and Nayam Amarshe, the tool is available for download from GitHub.

Piggy To

Piggy is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that assists in quickly creating impressive mobile content. Whether you require social stories, presentations, or quizzes, Piggy can generate them based on your brief text. Additionally, you can modify and download your content as either video or images.

Predict AI

Predict AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to simulate consumer attention and reactions to marketing materials. Developed by Neurons, a prominent company specializing in consumer neuroscience and applied artificial intelligence, Predict AI utilizes eye tracking data and brain responses from studies conducted with major brands to construct dependable models that predict consumer behavior rapidly. This tool can aid marketers in enhancing creatives and assets, increasing conversions and engagement, and evaluating performance against industry benchmarks.